Seth’s Blog: Direct marketing (and the other kind)
– Seth Godin
Direct marketing is outbound, measured and designed to pay for itself.
So, the catalog you get in the mail, or the Fuller Brush man. The idea was to buy stamps (or some other form of contacting people) and make enough money on average to buy more stamps.
Before the internet, direct marketing was on a steady growth path. The science of testing and improving offers and the industrialization of systems that lowered costs meant that more and more organizations were using direct marketing to solicit…  show all text

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@StevenPDennis: Direct marketing (and the other kind); Another gem from Seth.

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@ConsultingLead: Check out this #leadership blog: "Direct marketing (and the other kind)" Please RT

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@ValaAfshar: The web has turned all of us, if we want to be, into direct marketers.

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@Muzaffar1969: Top story: Seth’s Blog: Direct marketing (and the other kind);, see more

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