Sprinklr raises $46 million in ‘unicorn’ valuation – Fortune


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Sprinklr, a New York-based marketing startup, has raised $46 million in new funding from existing investors Intel Capital, Battery Ventures and Iconiq Capital. The round, which brings Sprinklr’s …

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@FortuneMagazine on Twitter
@FortuneMagazine: .@Sprinklr raises $46 million and joins "unicorn" club for.tn/1Hhh0Wp

@FortuneMagazine on Twitter
@FortuneMagazine: Sprinklr raises $46m in new funding, enters ‘unicorn’ club: spr.ly/6012N9En Great article via @eringriffith @FortuneMagazine

@jeffdachis on Twitter
@jeffdachis: Boom! @Sprinklr joins the ‘unicorn’ club via @FortuneMagazine for.tn/1MpujLi

@Ekaterina on Twitter
@Ekaterina: HUGE news for Sprinklr today! Excited and honored to be a part of this company. fb.me/3IpIkyFga

@Ekaterina on Twitter
@Ekaterina: Sprinklr to join the ranks of billion-dollar ‘unicorn’ companies, announces $46m in new funding: spr.ly/6015N9z5 by @eringriffith

@jer979 on Twitter
@jer979: startup @sprinklr gets ‘unicorn’ valuation via @FortuneMagazine for.tn/1MpujLi

@FortuneMagazine on Twitter
@FortuneMagazine: Sprinklr raises $46 million, becomes Silicon Valley’s latest billion-dollar unicorn for.tn/19EptaH by @eringriffith

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: Muzaffar69/corpgov’ http://for.tn/1IiRgJC

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