When Bigger Isn’t Better: Banks Retreat From Global Ambitions – WSJ


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After nearly two decades of breakneck expansion into ever more countries and ever more businesses, global banks are in retreat. For most of them, it is no longer a viable strategy to try to be all things to all customers around the world.

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@WSJRisk: Banks jettison businesses and exit countries. @justinbaer & @MaximColch explain: on.wsj.com/1P0JWoR

@WSJRisk on Twitter
@WSJRisk: Bigger banks? “The financial crisis laid waste to that theory.” on.wsj.com/1P0JEhL

@WSJ on Twitter
@WSJ: Two former bank chiefs have split on the wisdom of global mega banks. on.wsj.com/1U8fk6J

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@dinisguarda: Why #bitcoin #blockchain best chance is emerging mkts: Banks are "derisking" right as demand for fin inclusion rises on.wsj.com/1Up25B8

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