‘Stunned’ By Vote, Starbucks’ CEO Says Give Trump A Chance


– George Anders, Contributor
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Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz says he is "stunned" by election results but urges employees to accord Donald Trump "the opportunity to govern well and bring our country together."

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@PhilipCullen: ‘Stunned’ By Vote, Starbucks’ CEO Says Give Trump A Chance http://forbes.com/sites/georgean…

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@Forbes: Starbucks CEO: Trump’s victory is stunning, but give him a chance http://on.forbes.com/601581hTz http://pic.twitter.com/RO4u9g8gWN

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: Muzaffar69/corpgov’ http://www.forbes.com/sites/georgeanders/2016/11/09/stunned-by-vote-starbucks-ceo-says-give-trump-a-chance/


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