Jimmy Breslin’s columns on Donald Trump | Newsday


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Jimmy Breslin wrote about New York characters, and one who showed up often in his columns over the years was Donald J. Trump. Here are

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@jokerusso on Twitter
@jokerusso: In Breslin column on Trump there’s a cameo of Steve McDonald, a paralyzed policeman who died, and Father Judge http://ift.tt/2mZujrF;

@moorehn on Twitter
@moorehn: That’s amazing. To read. "Jimmy Breslin’s columns on Donald Trump" http://ift.tt/2mZujrF;

@howardlindzon on Twitter
@howardlindzon: Jimmy f***in’ Breslin, 27 years ago had the whole thing nailed.


http://ift.tt/2mZujrF; http://pic.twitter.com/oegp4mOax8

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: Muzaffar69/corpgov’ http://ift.tt/2nUd2iV


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