We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs


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@raesmaa on Twitter
@raesmaa: We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About #Female #Entrepreneurs. s.hbr.org/2rqSYY7

@lyssaslounge on Twitter
@lyssaslounge: "This isn’t only damaging to women entrepreneurs, this is potentially damaging to society as a whole." nzzl.us/lPyU3yt

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Women = denied financing to a greater extent than men..remarkable given govt VCs must take into account equality" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Bias = money isn’t invested in businesses that have the highest potential" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt; Like #sextech http://ift.tt/2omwNko;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: VCs, horrified or claiming to be horrified at @harvardbiz findings? http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt; START WRITING CHECKS TO… http://twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Bias-denied funding isn’t only damaging for women entrepreneurs; it’s potentially damaging for society as a whole." http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Gender bias presents the risk that the money isn’t being invested in businesses that have the highest potential." http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: Stereotyping through language underpins image of a man as a true entrepreneur while undermining a woman as the same" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "The VCs reacted with a mixture of emotions: denial of being part of creating bias, becoming upset with the facts" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Men were praised for being aggressive or arrogant vs discussions of women’s emotional shortcomings." @harvardbiz http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Youth for men was viewed as promising, while young women were considered inexperienced." @HarvardBiz http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt; #diversity

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: Not shocking – but glad they have data to prove it yet again. Thank you @cindygallop for sending http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt; #changetheratio

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Assessing male entrepreneurs, financiers = stereotypical beliefs abt men that reinforced entrepreneurial potential" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "VCs produce stereotypical images of women as having qualities opp 2 those considered important for an entrepreneur" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

@cindygallop on Twitter
@cindygallop: "Language for male & female entrepreneurs was radically different, w v real consequences for those seeking funding" http://ift.tt/2qsZjnt;

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: Muzaffar69/corpgov’ http://ift.tt/2rqFHid


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