@tomperriello: ‘Alt-right marcher shouting “Heil Trump.” ‘


– Tom Perriello
posted by friends:
@iioannoulbs on Twitter
@iioannoulbs: Donald Trump does not dare name the white supremacists in #Charlottesville today. But they name him: "Heil Trump!" http://pic.twitter.com/sFzlvwtwBg

@ChrisStoecker on Twitter
@ChrisStoecker: Alt-right marcher shouting "Heil Trump." http://pic.twitter.com/vAaXq5pFYc

@nminow on Twitter
@nminow: Video: Alt-right marcher shouting "Heil, Trump" while waving nazi salute

via @tomperriello #charlottesville #AMJoy http://pic.twitter.com/s3MMSxEhWe

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: Muzaffar69/corpgov’ https://twitter.com/tomperriello/status/896405681837936642/video/1


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