Who emits more than their share of CO₂ emissions? – Our World in Data


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This blog post draws on data and research discussed in our entry on CO₂ and other Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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@CSR4Development on Twitter
@CSR4Development: There are large differences in per capita CO₂ emissions.

But which countries emit more than ‘their share’?

We crunched the numbers based on consumption in our recent blog post: ourworldindata.org/share-co2-emis… pic.twitter.com/E4q0aKw9CI

@AfricaAnalyst on Twitter
@AfricaAnalyst: Only South Africa, Libya and Equatorial Guinea emit more Co2 than their share in the whole of Africa. twitter.com/OurWorldInData…

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: v/2019’ http://bit.ly/2FKdiNv

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