The Machine Learning Race Is Really a Data Race
– Megan Beck and Barry Libert. <p>Megan Beck
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Machine learning — or artificial intelligence, if you prefer — is already becoming a commodity. Companies racing to simultaneously define and implement machine learning are finding, to their surprise, that implementing the algorithms used to make machines intelligent about a data set or problem is the easy part. There is a robust cohort of plug-and-play solutions to painlessly accomplish the heavy programmatic lifting, from the open-source machine learning framework of Google’s TensorFlow to Mi.  show all text

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@barrylibert: It’s clear that software has eaten the world. But it is still hungry! Software needs a steady diet of new data combined with new technologies to continue adding value. —@themeganbeck + @barrylibert. Free read ➔

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@twilli2861: The Machine Learning Race Is Really a Data Race #machinelearning #datascience #leadership #innovation #futureofwork

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