Top Trending Results from the 2020 Vision Survey: Get the First Look

The Talemetry 2020 Vision Survey examines current recruitment marketing challenges that organizations face today, the resources they use to meet those challenges, and the technologies they plan to implement in 2019 and beyond. Get a first look at the top trending results from this study.

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@MeghanMBiro on Twitter
@MeghanMBiro: Research: @talemetry asked 100+ talent acquisition pros at organizations with 1k+ employees about their current recruitment marketing challenges. Some interesting answers here #RecruitmentMarketing #HRtech >

@TalentCulture on Twitter
@TalentCulture: Survey via @talemetry asked 100 #recruiters at companies with 1k+ employees about the resources and technologies they use to meet their challenges, and the #HRtech they plan to implement in 2019. Check out the results >

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Vía All News on ‘The Twitter Times: v/2019’

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